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The IfM has merged with the ICM - Institut Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V.. The known contact details of your research partners remain valid for the time being. For general inquiries please use the possibilities mentioned here.

About us

The Institute of Mechatronics is a non-profit industrial oriented research institute. It was founded in 1992. With an interdisciplinary team the institute conducts research and development on the fields of dynamics simulation of technical systems and human-machine systems.


The core competence of the institute is the development of algorithms, simulation models and software for the calculation of motion and dynamic load of mechanical systems, wherefore the method of multi-body systems (MBS) is mainly used. The finite element method (FEM) is used for generating simulation models of flexible bodies as well as for the validation and the determination of model parameters. Additionally, there are competencies in mathematics and computer science, which are necessary to develop robust and efficient simulation software.


Products of the institute are used for example in automotive engineering, in wind turbine development and in biomechanical analyses of human-machine systems.  


The institute achieves its proximity to the industrial users by developing  ready-to-use software solutions. This includes for example the general purpose multi-body simulation environment alaska/ModellerStudio and the branch-specific add-on alaska/Wind for the simulation of wind turbines. Furthermore, the institute develops software with a focus on a customer specific application field, so-called customized software solutions.


Especially for the simulation of human-technology systems, the institute offers a proven tool chain for the recording of measurement data with motion capture systems and force measurement sensors, their processing for the digitalization of human movements and the further use of these data, e. g. for ergonomic analyses.


Customers and research partners of the institute are developers and manufacturers of automotive, mechanical and plant engineering as well as  supppliers and innovative SMEs. Besides, the institute cooperates with universities and other research institutions. The IfM attained the status of an affiliated institute of the Chemnitz University of Technology by signing the cooperation agreement on June 19, 2018. Objective of the joint work is to create synergies for research and teaching by combining the results of the basic research at the Chemnitz University of Technology and the application-oriented research of the Institute of Mechatronics.