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alaska/ModellerStudio Test Version

A test version of the current alaska/ModellerStudio version is available for non-commercial use in a 32bit- and a 64bit-version for free download under MS Windows. This trial version corresponds to the fully functional alaska/ModellerStudio, but the number of modelable bodies and interactors is limited. Special functionalities (e. g. wheel - rail - contact element) are deactivated.


All examples delivered with the trial version can be loaded and edited.


The hardware and operating system requirements of alaska/ModellerStudio are minimal:

  • MS Windows, version 7
  • about 500 MB disk capacity
  • 4GB main memory
  • current Internet browser
  • current graphics hardware drivers
  • screen resolution 1024x768 (OpenGL) 


To use alaska, you need to install the current runtime components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 applications. If these have not already been installed by other applications, you can obtain a corresponding installation program directly from Microsoft:


Save the corresponding version from the selection on the left to your computer. The installation can be done in any directory. 


When using alaska/ModellerStudio please pay attention to the installation of the latest driver software for your graphics hardware! These can be obtained from the hardware manufacturer (graphics card or notebook).



First Steps

The trial version of alaska/ModellerStudio includes a reference manual (doc/alaskaEN.pdf) and a user manual (doc/alaskaHowToEN.pdf). For your first steps with the alaska/ModellerStudio you can also use the mini tutorials. Unzip the file and start with the file MiniTutorials.pdf. 


If you have any questions regarding the use of the trial version, please feel free to contact us (alaska(at)




If you have any questions regarding the following hints, please contact us (alaska(at)



Syntax Highlighting

The simulation models developed while working with the alaska/ModellerStudio are saved in the alaska model description language in ASCII format. Independent of and parallel to the development of simulation models with the alaska/ModellerStudio they can also be edited with any text editor. The color highlighting of keywords (syntax highlighting), which is known from other development environments, can support this.


For this purpose we provide an unformatted syntax file (alaska_syntax.txt) and a customization (userDefineLang.xml) for the recommended text editor Notepad++ (




Topology View

alaska simulation models can be very extensive. In order to keep the overview or, for example, to get a quick overview of models that others have developed, the alaska model component TTopologyView can be used. It provides a schematic, coherent representation of all bodies in the model and all interactors (joints, forces, moments, ...) acting between them.

The open source software Graphviz is used for visualization. You can download the required package here:

For further information on the topology view please refer to the alaska user manual.