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Dynamic Simulation

The development of new technical products can no longer do without the use of computers. Individual components are designed in the computer and their durability is tested virtually, the interaction of several components with each other is checked. Finally, the interaction of different assemblies of complex technical systems, e. g. mechanical support structures, sensors, actuators and information-processing components, is described, their interaction simulated and optimized.


For all these tasks, specialized software is developed to support the engineer in the implementation of the tasks. Such software is based on mathematical methods and procedures. One of these methods is the method of multi-body dynamics. The engineer describes complex technical systems with a physical model consisting of bodies and connecting joints. This model reflects the essential dynamic properties of the system to be investigated. The corresponding software automatically generates a mathematical model, a system of differential equations.


Dynamics simulation now means the numerical integration of these equations in the time domain with special solution methods to determine the internal stresses of the components resulting from given movements and external loads.