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Human-Machine Interaction

An important field of competence of the Institute of Mechatronics is the digitization of human motions. Ready-to-use know-how and a robust tool chain are available for this purpose. This includes 

  • methods and procedures for motion detection with optical motion capture systems
  • recording of interactions with the environment using force measuring sensors
  • digitisation of interactivity-relevant environmental elements (measuring probes, 3D scanners)
  • reconstruction of the recorded motion and interactions with the biomechanical human model Dynamicus as a basis for subsequent evaluations
  • ergonomic analysis according to established methods (EAWS, RULA)

Current developments serve to complete this process chain by methods of motion transformation. This means the adaptation of the recorded real reference motion to changed boundary conditions.


The video below illustrates the process of digitizing human motions from capturing with a motion capture system to reconstructing the motion and simulating it as a basis for subsequent analyses such as ergonomic evaluation.