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Motion Capturing

The Institute of Mechatronics has the appropriate equipment for digitizing human motions and human-machine interactions. Essential components of this equipment are an optical, target-based system for recording the motions of one or two subjects from the manufacturer A. R. T. Advanced Real-time Tracking, force measurement sensors from kistler as well as devices for measuring the geometry of surrounding areas and components.


The systems for motion capturing and force measurement are synchronized and open for further sensors. The hardware is addressed directly by IfM software products.


The following hardware is available:

A.R.T. - camera system

ART - camera

A total of 20 cameras (ARTTRACK2, ARTTRACK3, ARTTRACK5) with different exception frequencies (60 Hz, 300 Hz) as well as different resolutions (up to 1.3 MPix) and corresponding tripods for mobile use are available.

The capture volume is approx. 100 m³. Thus, the camera system is suitable for applications in the field of ergonomics and investigations and can also be carried out in operations with high accelerations.

MoCap - Targets

hand and forearm target

The infrared cameras detect the spatial position and trajectories of so-called targets. These are clearly identifiable. This means that the recorded motions can be clearly assigned to the segments of a biomechanical human model. Complete target sets are available for two subjects. In addition, (co-)moving parts can be provided with targets and recorded simultaneously with the subjects.

Measurement tool

measurement tool

The measurement tool can be used to efficiently measure the position of relevant points in the room. Such points are located, for example, on machines (e. g. operating elements) or other parts that are important for the visualization and evaluation of human-machine interactions. As an alternative to the room position, the position to a fixed body point can also be determined.


The point to be acquired is approached with the tip of the tool and the measurement is triggered when a button is pressed.

Force measuring plates

force plates and DAQ box

The institute uses force plates (type 9286BA) from Kistler to record the interaction of subjects with the environment. These force plates can be used mobile. They are connected to each other via a DAQ box and connected to the controller of the camera system. This ensures synchronous detection of motions and environmental interaction.