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Prediction of Ingress Motions

The virtual prototyping of new vehicles is currently reaching its limits as soon as the human movement has to be included in the evaluation of the prototype. One of the difficult questions to answer for the ergonomic assessment of a virtual prototype is: How passengers would get in the vehicle?

The Dynamicus/Ingress software tool supports designers in answering this question. Dynamicus/Ingress can predict ingress motions for different car prototypes. A functional model of the vehicle depicts all geometric components that influence the ingress motion. By design parameters (e.g. sill height, seat position), the user can interactively adapt the functional model to the prototype to be investigated. The passenger is modelled by the human model Dynamicus.

Dynamicus/Ingress calculates a movement of the human that matches the given design parameters. The predicted motion is characterized by its closeness to reality and is available in digitalized form so that it can be used for subsequent evaluations and assessments.

Motions can be predicted for passengers of different anthropometric data. The passenger can be selected from a pool of statistically representative subjects or determined by specifying the body height.

The prediction method is based on a data base of real reference ingress motions that are adapted to modified geometric conditions using a complex algorithm.


A test version of Dynamicus/Ingress is available on request.



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