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The competence of the Institute of Mechatronics comprise the methods and procedures necessary for the development and the application of powerful simulation software for the dynamics of mechanical/mechatronical systems and for human-machine interactions.


This includes methods for providing and preparing input data, for the generation of mathematical simulation models, methods for the efficient solution of motion differential equations, as well as methods for the evaluation and visualization of simulation results.

On this methodological basis, the institute is developing the general purpose multi-body simulation tool alaska for the simulation of the dynamic behavior of mechanical and mechatronic systems. This software is being constantly expanded with new and innovative functionalities, especially driven by customer and market requirements.

In addition, the existing method competence enables the IfM to develop customer-oriented simulation solutions basing on the alaska/SimulationEngine. The targeted focusing on a special user-specific area allows a high robustness and performance of such specific software solutions.

Another competence area of the IfM is the capturing and reconstruction of human motions as well as the interaction with the environment. The motions are recorded with motion-capturing hardware, the environmental interactions with force-measuring sensors. The biomechanical human model Dynamicus is used to digitize the recorded motions and interactions. The digitized motions and interactions are the basis for downstream analyzes, e.g. the evaluation of motions and interaction under ergonomic aspects. In this process, the focus is on the best possible motion reconstruction, because a subsequent analysis is only senseful with high accuracy data.

Because of its competence in the simulation of the dynamics of mechanical/mechatronic systems and the capturing and reconstruction of human-machine interactions, the IfM is a recognized partner for business, science and education customers.