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Development of Simulation Software

The offer of the Institute of Mechatronics is the development of simulation software for the dynamic behavior of mechanical/mechatronic systems as well as of human-machine systems.

A main application is the general purpose simulation software alaska/ModellerStudio. The dynamic behavior of technical systems from different sectors is modeled, analyzed and optimized using the method of multi-body dynamics.


Typical application areas are:

  • automotive engineering
  • machinery and plant engineering
  • drive train systems

In addition to standard simulation software, the Institute of Mechatronics develops problem-specific simulation software, so called customized software solutions. Focusing on a limited application area results in software with a costumer oriented user interface and a very high performance.

Human-Machine Interaction

The Institute of Mechatronics has comprehensive know-how on the digitization of human movements and human-machine interactions.

The starting point is data from motion capture systems, which records the motions of subjects and their interaction with the environment. The acquired motions are reconstructed using the biomechanical human model Dynamicus, developed at the Institute of Mechatronics, and taking into account the interactions in the computer.

The digitized motions served as input for downstream investigations, e.g. ergonomic assessments and transformations of the motions to changed boundary conditions.

A number of software tools have been developed that cover the entire process chain from capturing to the assessment of human-machine interactions.

Motion Capturing

For the capturing of human motions and environmental interactions the Institute of Mechatronics is equipped with mobile and very robust hardware.

This equipment consists of an optical target-based motion capture system from ART with a total of up to 20 cameras and three portable force measuring plates from Kistler.

Well-matched hardware and software enables a synchronous data acquisition.

The equipment is complemented by a measuring system for the efficient detection of environmental elements (3D measurement tool) as well as a 3D scanner for the digitization of moving parts. 

Cooperations for Research and Development

The Institute of Mechatronics offers its competencies in the field of simulation of dynamic systems as well as in human-machine interaction for publicly and privately financed research and development projects.


Please contact us, we will be happy to support you in implementing your R & D projects.